Treatment study for Depression in Youths with Delayed Sleep Phase (DELAY Trial)

The goal of this prospective randomised controlled trial is to examine the effects of cognitive behavioural therapy and bright light therapy in youths with unipolar depression and evening chronotype. The main questions it aims to answer are:

  1. What is the efficacy of CBT-D and CBT-D plus bright light therapy in reducing depression severity in adolescents with depression and eveningness?
  2. What are the effects of CBT-D and CBT-D plus bright light therapy on the subjective and objective sleep and circadian measures, as well as the quality of life, daytime symptoms, and functioning (e.g., sleepiness, fatigue)?

This project is recruiting!​


  • 12 至 20 歲
  • 過去一個月至少有兩星期受情緒問題困擾,且情緒低落的問題令你產生很大的困擾及對日常生活有顯著影響(如社交,學習或者其他方面)
  • 長期夜瞓的習慣(貓頭鷹傾向;經常於凌晨12點後才上床睡覺)。


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