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Training on sleep physiology
Interns - 1819s2

We are interested in investigating sleep disturbances in the context of psychiatric and physical conditions and to explore effective treatment strategies and prevention programmes to improve sleep and health in children and adults.

We look forward to many rewarding collaborations with students and scholars.

We are recruiting!!

Credit-bearing Research Internship in Clinical Psychology & Sleep Science (23-24 Semester 1)

We have a series of research projects available for ambitious and highly motivated students who want to gain hands-on research experience in the field of behavioural sleep medicine and clinical psychological science.

Interns will be working collaboratively as a member of the research team, being involved in different aspects of our current research projects (e.g. overnight sleep monitoring, study recruitment, conducting literature reviews, data entry and management). They might be expected to travel to recruitment sites, and to attend and actively participate in supervision and research meetings where we discuss our ongoing projects or the current issues in the field of sleep medicine. Research interns may also participate in guided readings of the sleep-related literature.

Intern Selection:

  • Academic excellence.
  • Highly motivated and able to commit.
  • Conscientious, organised, and good interpersonal skill.
  • Proficiency in both Chinese and English
  • Experience in creating psychoeducation contents for soical media promotion.
  • Experience in using statistical packages such as SPSS, R.

Interns may work in clinical settings, and as such must be mature, articulate, and comfortable communicating with others. Successful candidates will also need to be able to demonstrate enthusiasm for the research being conducted, a strong work ethic, and ability to work in a highly collaborative, multidisciplinary team-oriented environment.

Priority will be given to the individuals who are flexible with schedule (preferably at least one day or no less than 10-12 hours per week) and with potential for longer term involvement. For the upcoming academic semester, being able to take up at least one overnight shift per week to monitor sleep assessment once a week may be expected for the interns.

How to apply?
If you are interested in joining us as student research intern, please send an updated curriculum vitae, transcript, and personal statement to Dr Shirley Li: